Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Fourth day in Nashville and I don't want to leave...

Althought the weather is a little crappy, I love this city. It's gorgeous and is so comforting. It's great to have a vacation away from the realities of life and Lubbock for a while!

So far...

I've developed a new obsession with the show How I Met Your Mother (so hilarious and fun, I will be introducing this to my dad when I get home... He would love it!)

Speaking of my dad, I miss him a ton... It's tough not being in the same town as him while he is all drugged up and saying things he would never say. haha... Really though, I wish I was there to take care of him... He's a tough man though!

I experienced a Vandy baseball game with some fellow Lubbockites, which was fun but freezing!
Saw those same friendlies in Franklin yesterday... Yay for frozen yogurt, cupcakes and fun shops!!

I have been to every coffee shop in Nashville I believe... When I'm with Mallory, I think that's all we do... coffee coffee coffee!!

Saw Remember Me last night, super good... I highly recommend it!

Looks like today we will be going to REI (love) and just hanging out on the first nice day since I've been here!

I just love the whole atmosphere of this city! So busy but peaceful at the same time, weird explanation, but you just have to come here and experience it first hand! I think I could live here, but then again, I want to live everywhere!

There will be more posts and pictures to come!!

Love you all :]

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